Welcome to the Smile on a Face Foundation website.

The goal of the Smile on a Face Foundation is to support orphaned, abused or disadvantaged children in Thailand.

To achieve our goal we need all the help we can get, including yours.

Our Foundation is fully dependant on donations.

The most of our received donations will go to a local Foundation in Thailand called the Father Ray Foundation.

Why we do ask you to donate will hopefully be clear on the 'About' Page. There you can read all the work they do.

Another way to help the Thai children is to sponsor a child. You can do so directly on the Father Ray Foundation site. Have a look at 'Sponsor a Child' to see what the possibilities are. If you are in Thailand and would like to pay a visit at the Father Ray Foundation we can bring you in contact with them and they can guide you around their projects.

As per 27 January 2016 we are officially recognised by the Dutch tax office as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) that has an idealistic goal and has no objectives to make profit, and receives no structural grants from the government. The Foundation is therefore dependant on donations. From that moment on, our ANBI status means that, within Dutch law, donating to us means certain tax breaks can be applicable. To find out more about this, please visit the Dutch tax office site.

There is another way you can support the Foundation. If you live in the Netherlands you can earn money for the Foundation by getting commission by ordering on the internet. For people outside the Netherlands you can follow the link 'Donate for Free'. Unfortunately on this page there only a few links of companies that will pay the Foundation when you order any product on their site. The Dutch version of our site will show more than 500 companies who will donate to the Foundation.

But most important...... Why would you donate? Please read the 'About' page to find out.

Father Ray Outreach Work & Drop-In Center


Thank you for visiting this site.

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