In 2013 when we visited the Father Ray Foundation in Pattaya we decided to sponsor a child. It was a 9 years old girl with

the nickname of "Fresh". Now she prefers to be called "Face". She is a lovely girl, with a beautiful smile. We visit Pattaya

twice a year. Every time we are there, we go and see her a few times and take her and her friends out for swimming or eating.

We communicate with her by sending letters every month, and nowadays she even has Facebook (what's in the name).

Beyond the fact that she makes us happy, there are more important reasons why to sponsor a child.

Its objectives are:

(1) to let each child know that there are people who really care about them,

(2) to provide the child with communications with their sponsor(s), via on-site visit or correspondence, reinforcing the first objective and

(3) to provide financial support for the children.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, feel free to contact the Father Ray Foundation directly by clicking on below link.

Sponsor a child

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